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Pain Management Section

  • About the Pain Management Section

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    Section Objectives 

    • Promote the subspecialty of pain management within emergency medicine
    • Evaluate and develop strategies to better manage acute and chronic pain in the emergency department
    • Educate emergency medicine physicians regarding the management of acute and chronic pain without the use of opiates
    • Discuss novel protocols and evidence based approaches to pain management in the emergency department
    • Provide guidance and support to assist emergency physicians in helping patients with opiate addiction and referral to detox and rehabilitation
    • Research the use of Suboxone in the emergency department for opiate addiction
    • Develop an ACGME accredited Emergency Medicine Pain Management Fellowship program
    • Provide advice to the College regarding pain management issues 
    Subject Areas and Proposed First Year Activities
  • Contact Us!

    Alexis LaPietra, DO
    Section Originator and Interim Chair

    Mark S. Rosenberg, DO, MBA, FACEP
    Board Liaison

    Margaret Montgomery, RN, MSN
    Staff Liaison

    For inquiries, questions, or comments about the section, please send an e-mail to the staff liaison.

    Pain Management Section members may e-mail all section members via the section e-list.

  • Podcast: Pain Management in the Elderly Population


    From ACEP Frontline: Ryan Stanton, MD, FACEP; and Alexis LaPietra, DO 

    ACEP Frontline episodes are free and on demand. In this episode recorded at ACEP16, Dr. Stanton and Dr. LaPietra discuss how to deal with pain management in the elderly when they present in the Emergency Department. Dr. LaPietra, a founder of ACEP’s new Pain Management Section, discusses some of the special risks you face when prescribing for pain. She also discusses alternatives and techniques to solving pain issues in this population. 

    Listen to Podcast
  • Section Featured in ACEP Now April 2016 Edition

    ACEP Now

    ACEP’s New Pain Management Section Provides Venue to Discuss Pain Topics, Opioid Addiction

    By Alexis LaPietra, DO | April 12, 2016

    Emergency medicine pain management can be painful, but it doesn’t have to be. I recently finished a year-long emergency medicine–focused pain management fellowship, the first of its kind. I had the privilege of working with a variety of subspecialties in an effort to gain their perspectives on acute and chronic pain management.

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