PEER VIII Online has a new home. Do you want move … or stay where you are?
Read all three options below carefully. We’ll just ask you once!*

The new PEER VIII Online has:  

  • Easier navigation
  • New keyword search
  • New “Where’s that question about …” search
  • New 60-question Pretest
  • New practice categories for critical, emergent, pediatrics, and pictorial stimulus questions
  • “Review missed questions” feature

So if you’re just getting started with PEER VIII Online – if you like the idea of getting these new features and a “clean slate” – make the move!

But if you’ve started the Post-Test, or if retaining all your scores is important to you, stay on the original site – your progress cannot be moved to the new one.

“What will happen if I move?”

  • You’ll start over with the new 60-question Pretest.
  • You’ll use the study and practice tests just like on the original site, but none of your scores will be transferred. Just like with the Pretest, you’ll start over.
  • If you started the Post-Test on the original site, you’ll lose your progress if you move to the new one. And no matter much we’d like to, we can’t retrieve your lost work.
  • If you finished the Post-Test on the original site and claimed the CME credit, you’ll be able to use the new site to study and practice, but you won’t be able to take the Post-Test again for CME credit.

“Can I see it first?”  

  • Sure! Here’s a short demo.
  • Take a look, then come back here to choose.

*Be sure to read about the impact of your choice carefully. We won’t be able to reverse your action.


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