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Care of the Psychiatric Patient in the ED: A Review of the Literature
This paper provides an overview of the literature on psychiatric care in the ED and addresses the following topics: Evaluation of Psychiatric Patients in the ED; Medical Clearance; Boarding of Psychiatric Patients; Best Practices for Reducing ED Boarding of Psychiatric Patients; Medical Management; Disposition; and Community Resources.  Read The Full Paper Here


Practical Solutions to Boarding of Psychiatric Patients in the Emergency Department - Does Your Emergency Department Have a Psychiatric Boarding Problem?

Of the estimated 136 million emergency visits yearly, 5%, or nearly 7 million Americans, present to our emergency centers with a primary psychiatric emergency. Limited funding,limited resources, and patient placement difficulties have cumulated to the current crisis of mental health patients boarding in the emergency department (ED).  Read the Full Paper Here 


Additional Resources

ACEP Clinical Policy
Critical Issues in the Diagnosis and Management of the Adult Psychiatric Patient in the Emergency Department

Sobering Centers
Outlines information on the development of sobering centers and provides a table with information on 11 centers around the country.

Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Survey - April 2008
This 2008 survey looks at emergency psychiatric care and boarding in the ED

State Initiatives
Efforts to Address Psychiatric Hold Issues

ACEP Policy Statements
Pediatric Mental Health Emergencies in the Emergency Medical Services System
Alcohol Awareness Through Screening Programs
Efforts Involving Public Education and Legislation to Ensure Safe Boating and Operation of Personal Watercraft
Addressing the Public Safety Dangers Associated with Impaired or Distracted Driving

Patient Resources (from NIH)
Step-by-Step Guides for Patients, Patient Friends and Family with Drug Abuse Problems

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