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Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Section Newsletter - October 2017

QIPS: Your How-to-Guide for Improving Patient Safety and Quality in Healthcare

Letter from the Editor

Thanks for joining us for another installment of the QIPS Newsletter. We hope you’re able to make it to the Section meeting in Washington DC later this month during the ACEP Scientific Assembly. Speaking of which, we received feedback from you, our membership, that the original meeting time would have interfered with family plans for many folks. Rest assured, after some good old-fashioned PDCA and advocacy by our Section leadership, the meeting has been moved up to 9:30-11:30 am on Sunday October, 29th. See you there

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QIPS TIPS #34: The Efficient ED Doc

Almost every emergency department and physician group contains a physician that is wildly efficient when compared to his partners. Whether this is because he is naturally an operational thinker or multi-tasker, he is more confident in his clinical decisions or whether he takes more risks in clinical practice…it is often hard to pin point. But in emergency medicine there are vast differences in the ability to efficiently process patients in the ED.

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Checking Your Cognitive Biases in the ER

Emergency clinicians are faced with a challenging task. During a busy shift, there can be significant pressure to evaluate and treat patients quickly, without giving each case the care it warrants. Thus, physicians often categorize patients early into a specific diagnostic pathway.

At some point, however, with each evaluation, we must pause to assess the individual and ensure we are providing not only efficient care, but effective care as well. Relying on diagnostic categories and past experiences can be useful. However, as I recently learned, it can also lead to careless errors

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Letter from the Chair

Hi everyone,

We are looking forward to seeing you on October 31st at 9am for our annual section meeting during the Scientific Assembly. We will hear from our QIPS Resident Award Winner, Dr. Molly Tolins, regarding her project, mPOWEr. We will hear from current sections members on ways they are improving quality and patient safety at their institutions and or using different patient safety and quality techniques in their daily lives. We will hear updates from E-QUAL and QPSC as well. I look forward to seeing everyone!

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ADKAR: A systematic method for implementing change successfully

In 2010, when I served as a chief resident, our leadership group mandated resident attendance at weekly didactic conferences. This was felt to be necessary given poor attendance rate and the detriment our resident knowledge (and board passage rate); not to mention, the impact to presenters. We did increase conference attendance, but at a tremendous cost to the unity of our residency.

In 2012, I was the director of emergency ultrasound and became aware that our equipment was not generally clean. Sometimes there was dry blood on the transducers in the trauma bays. Despite real empathy from my staff, my emails were ineffectual at reminding everyone that we need to clean the machines… the dried blood and infection hazard persisted.

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