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Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Section Newsletter - January 2014

The Chair’s Letter

Beach2014A Changing Landscape

The culture of physicians and healthcare is in constant evolution.  However, in the last decade or so, our culture has changed direction and pace. In the previous century, physicians were largely autonomous, solo practitioners who were perceived by many as infallible.  The procurement of knowledge and application of that knowledge was used to establish oneself as a ‘better’ doctor than others, often only within a specialty or silo.

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Novo Nordisk Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Survey

"It is increasingly important in the present era of health care reform that Emergency Medicine continues in efforts to improve quality and demonstrate the value we provide for our patients. Examining our practice to close quality gaps, optimize patient outcomes and reduce unnecessary variability are some of the ways we achieve this." – Richard Griffey, MD MPH, FACEP, Past Chair

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Good Metrics Gone Wrong

Jaben 2014

We all agree that if we can get our door-to-doc times (D2D) down to a certain level, patient satisfaction scores will improve.  How then do you reconcile this belief against these actual figures from a multihospital group?

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A Decade of Section Growth

It seemed like yesterday.  As I walked out of the Washington Convention Center several weeks ago, a déjà vu moment from six years earlier flooded my mind:  Chris Beach limping out onto the street on crutches due to a recent knee injury, Shari Welch’s high energy talk on ED flow, Karen Crosby leaving to catch a flight to an annual patient safety conference that always seems to coincide with Scientific Assembly.  I had the feeling then as I do now that QIPS is a very special group of people dedicated to the cause of improving quality of care.

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Editor's Note

In our first newsletter since returning from Scientific Assembly in Seattle, WA, I am happy to report that the QIPS section meeting was well-attended, and the view from the meeting room was nothing short of spectacular! Keynote speaker, Kevin Baumlin, MD, FACEP gave a presentation on Emergency Department Information Systems (EDIS) and Meaningful Use titled “Information Technology and Quality Improvement:  A Courtship or a Marriage?”

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D&$%@& if you do D&$%@& if you don’t.

I recently attended two international meetings focusing on diagnostic errors.  In early September, the first international conference on “Preventing Overdiagnosis”.  Less than 2 weeks later, the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM) held their 6th annual conference, “Diagnostic Errors in Medicine (DEM): Define, Measure, Improve”.

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Diversion: A Quiet Threat in the Healthcare Setting

Carol McCammonHave you ever felt a brief sense of uneasiness about certain situations in patient care? Maybe you have vaguely noticed that your patients seem to have a greater degree of perceived pain when Nurse Philips is on duty, or that he/she seems excessively enthusiastic at the prospect of extra shifts, or that he/she volunteers to manage his/her coworker’s assignments when the department is especially busy, particularly when there seems to be frequent medication needs.

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