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Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Section Newsletter - April 2013

The Chair’s Letter


Richard Griffey QIP

In this month’s newsletter we present a report from our first all-section call, led by section member Dr. Julius Pham who is working on an AHRQ funded project optimizing the discharge process from the ED. This is timely work that generated great discussion about what various departments are doing to enhance discharge instructions and follow up. 

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QIPS and UK’s College of Emergency Medicine Safer Care Committee Collaboration Call

Christopher Beach

Similar to our responsibilities within ACEP, the Safer Care Committee (SCC) has been established to provide resources for members of the College of Emergency Medicine (CEM) specifically with developing and maintaining a culture of safety and awareness in the ED

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“Combat Aviation Paradigms” Bogeys, Bandits, & Fighter Tactics in the ED?

joseph novak

Advances in science, industry and thought often come from unexpected places far removed from the discipline which needs that "advancement.” Consider the microwave oven. This did not come from the world's foremost oven engineers. It never could have. Rather, it was invented by a radar technician who noted that a candy bar in his pocket melted away (probably at the same time as his fertility) while he walked in the radar antenna fields.

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NEW QIPS Website Updates

drew fuller

The QIPS website has been updated and redesigned to better serve our member’s needs. While it is a work in progress, the intention is for the site to be a collective resource for QIPS members across the country. Members of the section are encouraged to contribute ideas, content, links, and resources.

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Editor’s Note

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Section Newsletter, March 2013

It has been an active period in the QIPS section with multiple conference calls, including our first all-section conference call of the 2012-2013 year on the ED discharge process as well as an international conference call with the United Kingdom’s College of Emergency Medicine Safer Care Subcommittee. In this newsletter, Dr. Chris Beach will elaborate on a collaboration initiative with emergency physicians in the UK and the formation of an informative and productive new partnership with our colleagues in the UK involved with quality and safety.

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Improving the ED Discharge Process

Implementing exceptional discharge processes in the emergency department (ED) is integral inensuring patient safety and quality in the ED. It is also important in the continuing efforts to reduce unnecessary return visits by patients in the ED.

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QIPS TIPS #18: Why We Don't Apologize and #19: Something Bad Just Happened

Shari Welch

The words “I’m Sorry” are the most commonly uttered words in any language! So why are they so difficult to utter to patients and families? Perhaps the biggest challenge in the adoption of the medical apology as an ideology and a strategy comes from the culture of healthcare itself.

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