Chapter Officer Checklist

Articles of Incorporation for Chapter

Articles of Association (if any) Chapter Political Action Committee (PAC)

Articles of Incorporation for any Chapter Foundation

Chapter EIN (Employer Identification Number) or TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) 

Bylaws (all organizations) 

Group Exemption Election Form (prior year)

Dues & Disbursement Form (copy of current form / plus a blank if to be changed)

Financial Statements – for last three years

Bank information

Name and Location of Bank
Contact Person and Phone Number at Bank
Account Numbers
Checkbook/Blank Checks / Register of Checks Used
Copy of Old Signature Card
New Signature Card to be Completed

Minutes from Board Meetings

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Information

Is there an insurance policy?
Is there protection in the Articles of Incorporation?

Financial Reports generated by ACEP

Information, assistance and college policies are available at National ACEP on

Grant Programs for Chapters
Joint Ventures
Label Policy
Use of the College's Trademark (logo)

Restraint of Trade/ Antitrust Information / Conflict of Interest Policies

Materials to Help

Forms and instructions Forms 990, 990-N, 990EZ, 990T & 1120POL

Fundamentals of Chapter Management

National ACEP Compendium of Financial Policies & Operational Guidelines – revised every January

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