Fair Coverage

Main Points

  • Health insurance companies mislead patients by offering “affordable” premiums for policies that cover very little. 
  • Patients can’t choose where and when they will need emergency care and should not be punished financially for having emergencies.
  • No insurance plan is affordable if it abandons you in an emergency.
  • Insurance companies must be transparent about how they calculate payments and provide FAIR coverage for emergency patients.
  • Just because you have health insurance coverage does not mean you have access to medical care.
  • State and federal policymakers need to ensure that health plans provide fair payment for emergency services or emergency patients will suffer.   
  • Patients and physicians must work together to combat these harmful practices by health insurance companies. (contact Congress)
  • The last straw:  A federal regulation by CMS does not require health insurance companies to use a fair and transparent database, such as Fair Health to calculate in out-of-network payments, opening the door to reimbursements that do not even cover the costs of care. 

 Fair Payment Fact Sheet

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