Section Grant FAQs


I'm interested in applying for a grant. What's the first step?

Reading the current Section Grant Manual before starting is critical to assure that the project is appropriate for a section grant and that the proper process is followed. A list of successful grants under this program is available here.

Who can apply for these grants?

Any member of a Section of national ACEP can apply for a grant. Typically this is done through the current Section Chair as the representative of the Section to the Board of Directors.

How long should the project take to complete?

It is expected that projects funded by the Section Grant Program will be complete within 18 months.

When is the application due?

Although the exact date changes from year to year, the initial letter of intent is typically due in late January or early February. Consult the Section Grant Schedule for a current list of important dates.

To whom do I submit my application?

Letters of Intent must be reviewed and approved by your section staff liaison and section chair before they are officially submitted to the Sections Manager. Reach out to your staff liaison for guidance as soon you start working on your letter of intent. 

Can Sections "team up" and apply for a grant together?

Yes. If the project would be of significant interest to more than one Section, the interested Sections are encouraged to apply jointly.

How much money is available?

Currently, national ACEP makes $50,000 available to the program. $50,000 is the total amount that is available to all Sections for all Grants during one year.

How much money have successful Grant applications in the past received?

Refer to the Funded Section Grants for a listing of successful Grants awarded since 2010.

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