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What is a section?

Sections are subcategories of national ACEP membership available to all ACEP members. ACEP's 35 sections of membership were developed for members who share areas of interest or life stages. Members of ACEP sections have the opportunity to cultivate ideas and develop programs to improve the care of emergency patients worldwide.

How much does it cost to join a section?

  • $40 annually for active members
  • Emergency medicine residents, medical students, and individuals in fellowship training programs receive a free section membership in the Young Physicians Section, may join another section of their choice for FREE and join additional sections for only $20 each.

How can I start a new section?

It's simple. If you are interested in forming a new section, notify the Sections Manager at ACEP headquarters and you will be given the details. You must find 99 other individuals who are interested in supporting the formation of the section you wish to start. Keep in mind that sections must be directly related to the clinical or administrative practice of emergency medicine and must maintain a minimum of 100 members.

What do I get for my section membership dues?

  • Newsletters - Each section sends up to four newsletters per year to its members.
  • Section Grant Program - Section members interested in applying for a grant should work with their section chair to submit a Letter of Intent during the application cycle.
  • Section E-List - The section e-lists facilitate communication among section members. The e-list can be used to help complete section activities and serves as a mechanism to discuss topics related to the section's area of interest.
  • Annual Meeting - Each section holds an annual meeting during Scientific Assembly to discuss the accomplishments of the year and plan for the coming year. Many sections hold elections and include an educational presentation during the meeting. The annual meeting also gives section members the opportunity to network with other physicians who have similar interests.
  • Section Councillor - Each section, with at least 100 active members each December 31, has representation at the Council meeting to advocate for the section's area of interest.
  • Section Awards Program - Five awards are given annually to sections for their hard work, creativity, and overall service that section members provide to the College and its members.

How are sections different from committees?

Section members choose to participate in a section to benefit from networking and communication opportunities. To advocate their interest areas, sections develop their own goals and objectives, which they must submit to the Board of Directors for approval prior to implementation.

Committees are work groups with specific responsibilities assigned by the president. They do not set their own objectives. Committee members serve for a specific period of time and are accountable to the president for achievement of assigned objectives.

How are newsletters created?

The section newsletter editor simply gathers articles from other section members and contributors and submits these to ACEP staff. Staff takes it from there, posts the newsletter to the section's web page, and sends an e-mail announcement to the members of the section. Each section may send up to four newsletters per year to its members. Every member is encouraged to contribute material for the newsletter to the section's newsletter editor.

How do I post information on the section Web page?

Simply contact your section's staff liaison with the material you would like posted, and ACEP staff will take care of posting the information for you. You can find the name of each section's staff liaisons on the section Web page.

What is a section grant, who can apply, and how much money is available?

The section grant program was established to assist sections in meeting member's needs, educating the public, and furthering the advancement of emergency medicine. Any member of a section of national ACEP may apply for a grant. Section members interested in applying should review the resource documents on the Web site at The Section Grant Manual contains all the information needed to successfully navigate the section grant process, including a timeline and sample forms. Up to $50,000 is available annually.

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