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Your group of dedicated physicians has clearly demonstrated a commitment to the emergency medicine specialty,  and may already qualify for full ACEP 100% Club status. This unique opportunity provides a host of benefits directly to your organization, including:


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  • A $250 rebate for groups with 5 or more physicians registered to attend the same ACEP education meeting
  • 15% discount on all job postings and ad products on EM Career Central, ACEP and EMRA's online job board
  • ACEP application fee waiver ($30) for each ACEP member that is added to the physician employment group
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  • Acknowledgement in ACEP Now and ACEP.org with a 100-word description linked to your Web site
  • Acknowledgment at Scientific Assembly and a display certificate for the group's exhibit booth
  • Use of the 100% Club logo for group publications and promotions
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  • 100% Club Recognition plaque sent to physician group
  • 100% Club Recognition plaque and press release sent to participating hospitals (optional)
  • Group benefit packages through Hagan Barron Intermediaries

Get Even More Benefits with the 100% Club & Group Billing

In addition to the ACEP 100% Club invitation, you are also immediately eligible for Group Billing, a powerful way to pay for ACEP membership dues with just one check. Instead of having to process individual payments or reimbursements for each of your physicians, you can pay all your physicians’ dues with one simple invoice. When you join ACEP’s 100% Club and opt for Group Billing, you receive even more benefits for you and your emergency physicians:

  • 25% off dues for all new ACEP members
  • $25 coupon for each of your continuing physicians to use on any ACEP meeting or product

Do all my emergency physicians have to join to achieve 100% Club status?

No. We require only that all of your eligible emergency physicians join ACEP to qualify for the 100% Club. Check out our eligibility requirements. To verify eligibility for membership, ACEP does require an application  and payment for all non-member emergency physicians from your group.


We don’t know which physicians from our group are members of ACEP and which ones are not. How will we determine if our group has 100% eligible members?

ACEP will take care of this. All we need from you is a list of your physicians and a group participation form. Your list needs to be in an Excel file format and needs to contain: ACEP ID number (if available), first, middle initial, and last name, address, city, state, ZIP, date of birth, and whether the physician is board certified and residency trained, and which board certification the physician has.

We will provide you with a report that identifies who is and is not a member, which non-members need to complete an application to verify eligibility, and any estimated dues that will need to be paid to achieve 100% membership. You can then decide if you want to pay for any non-members that you may have outstanding to achieve 100% Club status. If you have attained 100% Club status, Peggy Brock, Director of Membership Marketing, will let you know and will follow-up to begin the recognition process for your group.

How long does it take to verify eligibility in the 100% Club?

Typically, it takes 7-10 working days, once we receive your group’s physician list. Occasionally, a list may take longer than 10 working days. However, we will seek the quickest turnaround possible.


We have a very large group and there is no possible way our group would ever be able to attain 100% eligible membership in ACEP. Could our regional physician groups qualify individually for the 100% Club even though the parent group cannot?

Yes. We will work individually with each of your regional offices to verify that they have 100% eligible membership in ACEP. We will then provide all the benefits and recognition of the 100% Club to that specific regional office (not the parent company). Each regional office would still be required to provide their physician list to verify eligibility. ACEP can work directly with the regional group director or with your corporate contact to verify eligibility; whatever is easiest for you to facilitate.


We Want to Participate!

Just complete the application and we'll take care of the rest. To get started, clic on the button below.

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If you h ave any questions, please contact Kelley Govan by calling toll free 800-798-1822 ext. 3168 or via email by clicking here.


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