Previous Award Winners


Modern Healthcare
Joe Carlson for Security Lapses

Kaiser Health News & National Public Radio
Jenny Gold for Mentally Ill Languish in Hospital Emergency Rooms


The New York Times
Lizette Alvarez for Life and Death, Stat!

Joanne Kenen for We Can't Save You.

HealthLeaders Media
John Commins and Cheryl Clark for series of articles:

  • Emergency Physicians Raise Alarm on ED Financial Stress, Closures
  • Hospital Leaders Give Strategies to Remove ED Bottlenecks
  • Emergency Rooms and Docs Brace Themselves for Newly Insured
  • Emergency Docs Say BlueCross BlueShield Is Wrong about Unnecessary ED Visits
  • ACEP Calls for Halt to ED Boarding
  • ACEP Critical of CDC Report on ED Use
  • ED Visits Up 23% in 10 Years, and Longer Waits for Emergency Care Coming, Physicians Say

Wire Service
Associated Press
Carla Johnson for Heath Overall May Mean Longer ER Waits and Illinois’ Most Crowded ER Struggles to Improve


USA Today 
Mary Brophy Marcus and Liz Szabo for 24 Hours in the ER

John Pekkanen for Call 911 & Trouble in the ER

Television (Local)
WDIV-TV (NBC-Detroit)
Dr. Frank McGeorge for Night Shift in the ER

Popular Science
Melinda Wenner Moyer for Cold Relief

Investigative Journalism
Chicago Tribune
Jason Grotto and Bruce Japsen University of Chicago Medical Center (series)


Virginia Pilot
Nancy Young for Waits Take a Toll: Bed Shortages Bottle Up the Emergency Departments 

Star Ledger (Series)
Angela Stewart Series - Various Emergency Department Issues

Good Housekeeping
Susan Ince for Crisis in the ER  

Television (National)
ABC World News Tonight 
Bill Weir of  The Real 24  — One Day in the Life

Television (Local)
NBC 30 (CT)
Monica Brannon for her investigative piece Going Inside the Real ER

Donald Snyder for Emergency Rooms in America:  A Deadly Prognosis


San Antonio Express News
Nicole Foy for Emergency in the ER

U.S. News & World Report
Josh Fischman, for Give Me a Neurosurgeon, Stat!

Television (National) two winners
NBC Nightly News
Nancy Snyderman, for Overcrowded Emergency Rooms

ABC News Now
Jackeline.A.Pou for Hospital Disaster Preparedness  

Television (Local)
WDIV-TV (NBC-Detroit)
Dr. Francis McGeorge and Sarah Mayberry, health reporters, for their May 2007 piece Secrets of the ER.

Television (Cable)
New England Cable Network
Ally Donnelly, health reporter/anchor, for On Call Specialist Shortage.

National Public Radio
Steve Inskeep, host of Morning Edition, for Disaster Would Overwhelm Hospitals.    

Internet (Series)
Arian Camp-Flories, Miami bureau chief, for Code Blue in the ER.


Newspaper (Series)
Lufkin Daily News
Hina Alam and Jessica Savage for State of Emergency

Newspaper (Column)
Wall Street Journal
“Hospitals Open Up ER Space”

Baltimore Magazine
Christiana McCausland for ER:  Everything You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask

Television (National)
ABC World News
Jim Avila for Emergency Room overcrowding/Ambulance Diversion

Television (Local)
KEYE News CBS 42 – Arizona
Seema Mather for ER: In Critical Condition (series)

Television (Cable) 
Fox News
Brian Wilson for Illegal Immigration, IOM Reports and Emergency Preparedness (series)

WRCR Radio Rockland
Barbara Faccara for Ins and Outs of the ER

Special Recognition (Series)
Tampa Tribune
Rosemary Goudreau and Jeff Stidham for Florida's Emergency Care System Needs Urgent Attention, What's Ailing Our Emergency Rooms, Emergency Rooms in Code Blue Need Attention, Leadership Stat, Crisis Demands Complex Remedies, Medical Association Offers Needed Leadership on ER Crisis”

Award for Achievement in Media Entertainment (2007 only)
Untold Stories of the ER
For educating the public each week about the heroic efforts of emergency physicians and emergency care providers. 


Newspaper (Series) two winners
The Connecticut Post
Marian Gail Brown and Edward J. Crowder for Patients Turned Away and Emergency Rooms Jammed

The Times Herald-Record
Beth Quinn and "The Go Healthy Staff" for My Favorite Save series.

Newspaper  (Trade)
American Medical News
David Glendinning for cover story Medicare Payment Cuts Threaten More Strain on Overcrowded EDs

Ladies’ Home Journal
Linda Marsa (editor) and Diane Salvatore (editor-in-chief) for Crisis in the ER

Television (National)
Dr. Sanjay Gupta and senior medical producer Chris Gajilan for Angels of the Storm

Television (Local)
KNXV-TV (ABC 15 Arizona)
The iNVESTiGATORS for Will Care Be There?

Television (Cable)
New England Cable News
Anya Huneke for Emergency Room Backups

WILK Radio Network (Pennsylvania)
"The Morning News with Nancy & Kevin for Coverage of the ACEP Rally at the U.S. Capitol.  


Post-Star (Glen Falls, NY)
Thom Randall, for ER,

Modern Healthcare
John Morrissey for Volume Control

Television  (National)
ABC 20/20
John Stossel, co-host, and Jennifer Cohen, producer for Give Me A Break

Television (Local)
KENS-TV (CBS-San Antonio)
Wendy Rigby for  Illegal Immigrants and the Issue of Uncompensated Care in the Emergency Department

Television (Cable)
Fox News Channel
Linda Vester, Bill Shine, Nancy Duffy, Pippa Bark, Grace Cutler, Monica Hill, Kevin Huffman, and Joel Parks for Breaking Point: Medical Meltdown in America

National Public Radio/Morning Edition 
Richard Knox for Emergency Rooms Overcrowded Due to Flu Vaccine Shortage


USA Today
Robert Davis for  EMS Series, "Six Minutes to Die"

WAGA-Fox News (Atlanta, GA)
Beth Galvin for 24 Hours at Grady

Radio Pennsylvania
Tara Curtis for Health Care Woes and More in PA

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