Winter 2010 Junior Faculty Newsletter

In this issue:

Your Medical-Legal Questions Answered 

As an emergency physician and academician, you teach evolving ethical and legal issues every day. The ACEP Code of Ethics and the Expert Witness Review Board, which examines questionable testimony in liability cases, are just two of the great resources you can turn to to meet your teaching needs. In addition, your students and residents need to know that ACEP provides help to those who are facing legal issues. Peer-to-peer counseling is available exclusively for members facing liability issues.

"Getting Sued: A Resident's Perspective" is an online litigation guide and a primer. These exclusive member benefi ts are invaluable resources in today’s litigious environment. Find more information in our Practice Resources online under Medical-Legal or Ethics.


Join us for a Webinar on Conflict of Interest


"Could You Be Farmed Out to Pharma? Gifts and Conflicts of Interest" takes a look at your practice in light of gifts to physicians, educational support, meals, and advertising. Join Catherine A. Marco, MD, FACEP, as she highlights ACEP and AMA recommendations about industry support and gifts. She'll cover:


  1. Review perceptions of patients and families regarding physician gifts
  2. Discuss the ACEP and AMA guidelines
  3. Discuss how these gifts influence behavior and affect outcome  
  4. Discuss the weight that physician education and patient benefit play when considering whether to accept gifts from companies 

Tune in to the webinar here.


Share Your Experiences with Other Faculty 


Do you have a great teaching technique? A great idea that works with medical students? A resident bedside teaching idea that ensures your residents understand the principles of emergency medicine?   Then share it with other junior faculty members. Send your topic idea to Kris Williams, and she’ll work with you to find a good time for you to present an ACEP Free Webinar.


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