Autumn Issue 2009

Autumn Issue 2009

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Immunizations in the ED

Immunizations. You think of them for your kids or for your pets, but do you ever think of them for yourself or for the patients you see in the ED?

Recently, in ACEP News, a couple of articles pointed out the need for immunizations for specific re-emerging diseases. Most physicians are vaccinated for hepatitis B and tested yearly for the rare case of tuberculosis. However, other vaccinations may be necessary, especially to help you resist pertussis.

A white paper on "Vaccinating for Pertussis in the Emergency Department: A Life Saving Opportunity" is available for you to use with students and residents. For multiple copies, send an e-mail to Kris Williams.

H1N1 Resources

We know you’re still in the thick of flu season, and that questions about the H1N1 virus are complicating your already crowded emergency departments. ACEP has several resources that can help. To protect yourself, find out more on the vaccine at CDC Q and A on 2009 H1N1 Influenza Vaccine

Direct your potential patients to this informative site:

For treating those with the H1N1 Flu, watch the Webinar: Overview of the National Strategic Plan for Emergency Department Management of Outbreaks of Novel H1N1 Influenza. You’ll find all the resources from the Webinar on this page as well. ACEP worked with the federal government to develop The H1N1National Strategic Plan to help emergency physicians define critical capabilities and suggest high-level actions to achieve them. Also, you can find Quick Facts for Clinicians on Antiviral Treatments for 2009 H1N1.

More resources are just a click away at

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