Industry Subcommittee

Purpose: Continually reinforce the needs of the EUS community to ultrasound machine, EMR and workflow system manufacturers.

Chair: Chris Bryczkowski, MD
Co-Chair: Tobias Kummer, MD             

Recent years have focused on educating  the EUS community, EMR and workflow system manufacturers about the unique workflow practices in the ED as compared to the traditional Radiology imaging model, culminating in release of the EUS Workflow White Paper.  Recommendations regarding POCUS machine hardware design (Essential Machine Features) are updated yearly and distributed to the machine vendors. Particular efforts have focused on Wi-Fi integration into machine hardware and adoption of non-proprietary standards for interfaces between ultrasound machines, workflow systems, and EMR software. This upcoming year we will be working towards the establishment of a DICOM-SR standard for transfer of interpretations entered directly onto ultrasound machines, as well as to engage the predominant EMR companies around standardizing EUS documentation and interfaces with workflow systems software.

"The technology did not drive the vision; the vision drove the technology... It was the people who drove this evolution." - Resa Lewiss, MD at TEDMED 2014

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