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How to Join

Participants in the Action Fund may contribute at any level.

Contributors of $100,000 or more are automatically eligible for a seat on the Board of Governors. Small to mid-sized emergency physician groups within chapters, regions, or existing business affiliations can combine resources to become a coalition that would qualify for a seat on the Board. The coalition members would then appoint its representative for the Board of Governors.

Terms are for one year and reappointment to the Board of Governors requires an annual contribution. The size and composition of the Board could change over time based on contributor response and participation.

How can you ensure you have a voice if you or your group does not contribute at the $100,000 level?
The Emergency Medicine Action Fund offers contributors, large or small, the opportunity to help shape emergency medicine's regulatory agenda. Like ACEP's committees, there is no restriction on who may propose an issue for consideration. And as the Board of Governors begins to develop its priorities, it will seek input from a variety of sources. Because the federal reform process is expected to play out over several years, contributors to the Emergency Medicine Action Fund will have many opportunities to voice their views.

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