About EM Action Fund

In February 2011, ACEP launched the Emergency Medicine Action Fund to generate additional financial support for our ongoing advocacy activities in Washington, DC.

ACEP President Sandra Schneider announced this new initiative that will allow anyone interested in advancing emergency care to pool our resources and collectively work to positively impact the regulatory implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (the PPACA).

"The Emergency Medicine Action Fund will allow our specialty to speak with one voice and one message, delivered by one team of consultants, lobbyists, attorneys, staffers, and physician leaders," according to a letter from Dr. Wesley Fields, chair of the Emergency Medicine Action Fund.

"We believe that this team deserves wide and deep support from emergency physicians for years to come," he said. "We also believe the Action Fund represents unsurpassed value no group or organization could obtain on its own."

This is an inclusive effort and all contributions are needed. The Emergency Medicine Action Fund allows sections, chapters and other groups of like-minded physicians to ban their individual contributions together and create a coalition eligible to have a seat on the Board of Governors. See who has contributed and which organizations have agreed to join forces.

The Action Fund intends to use contributor funds only for items typically deductible as business expenses (check with your tax advisor to determine tax deductibility). This would enable ACEP to use other existing resources for non-deductible legislative activity.

Find out more about the Action Fund’s goals, contribution levels, and governance structure.

The Action Fund serves a different purpose than NEMPAC. NEMPAC, our National Emergency Medicine Political Action Committee, gives contributions to candidates who listen to our needs and effect positive change in Congress. But it can be used only to support candidates.

The Emergency Medicine Action Fund will give us the tools to proactively address the challenges posed by this sweeping health care system reform. Evolving practice models and demonstration projects, such as accountable care organizations and bundled payments, are just two critical areas where we need to focus our efforts to bolster support for emergency medicine.

If you have questions about the specifics of the Emergency Medicine Action Fund, please contact Gordon Wheeler, ACEP’s Associate Executive Director, at 800-320-0610, ext. 3016.
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