Health Care Reform Positions

These resources display ACEPs position on the various areas related to health care reform.

ACEP Policy Statements:

Assignment of Benefits
Availability of Hospital Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services
Balance Billing
Boarding of Admitted and Intensive Care Patients in the Emergency Department
Compensation Arrangements for Emergency Physicians
Definition of an Emergency Service
Definition of Emergency Medicine
Delivery of Care to Undocumented Persons
Disaster Medical Services
Disclosure of Medical Errors
Economic Credentialing
EMTALA and On-call Responsibility for Emergency Department Patients
Fair Payment for Emergency Department Services
Good Samaritan Protection
Health Care Data Standards and Interoperable Systems
Health Care System Surge Capacity Recognition, Preparedness, and Response
Health Information Technology
Health Promotion Revenues (‘Sin Taxes’)
Non-Beneficial ("Futile") Emergency Medical Interventions
Patient- and Family-Centered Care and the Role of the Emergency Physician Providing Care to a Child in the Emergency Department
Reform of Tort Law
Reporting of Medical Errors
Support for National Disaster Medical System
The Patient-Centered Medical Home Model
Third-Party Payers and Emergency Medical Care
Universal Health Care Coverage 

Other related resources:

Focus on Health Reform - Side-by-Side Comparison of Major Health Care Reform Proposals
Emergency Medicine Provisions - 2009-2010 Congressional Health Care Reform Proposals
Principles for Reform of the US Health System (joint statement)
Emergency Department Crowding: High-Impact Solutions
Report on Strategic Priorities for a Comprehensive On-Call Plan - January 2008
Health Care Reform Fact Sheet
Health Care Reform Talking Points 

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