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Analyzing your hospital's "throughput" can reveal ways to decrease crowding, increase patient and employee satisfaction, and possibly improve your hospital's bottom line, Dr. Paul Hain said at a meeting on pediatric hospital medicine.

If the poison control system weren't a phone call away, how would you find information to manage the poisoned patient?

The federal Red Flags Rule that requires creditors to check for identity theft may mean a few new procedures for office-based physicians, Patricia King said at the American Health Lawyers Association's annual meeting.

Architects of a 3-year-old regional health information network in Memphis are finding the system has major public health implications.

- 10/21/2010

Quick action is expected on a bill to address the SGR problem.

The average U.S. family spent an extra $1,017 on health care last year to help cover uncompensated care provided to the uninsured, according to report from Families USA.

We were once fortunate to have in place a reliable option to the imaging weight limit dilemma discussed by Dr. Baehren in August's "In the Arena" (ACEP NEWS, August 2009, p. 2). A regional veterinary college allowed transfer of our patients there for use of their equine CT scanner.

The ACEP News article "Combo Regimen Slashed Bronchiolitis Burden" failed to mention that, when adjusted for multiple comparisons, the study results failed to meet statistical significance.

- 10/21/2010

In "Focus On: Acute Aortic Dissection" (ACEP NEWS, July 2009, p. 11), the table on page 12 should have been titled "Acute Aortic Dissection."

The ACEP Council elected Sandra M. Schneider, MD, FACEP to serve as the College’s new President-elect on Oct. 4 at the annual Council meeting.

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