Leadership Lessons from the Front Line in Iraq

Robert B. Blankenship, MD, FACEP, describes his program below:

Everyone I know has a desire to do well … to succeed. In fact, I have never, ever met a person who confided in me that they were excited because after many long years of hard work they were about to achieve their lifelong goal of becoming a complete and utter failure. You see nobody sets out in life to be a poor husband or wife, a poor doctor, or a poor leader. Nevertheless I am absolutely convinced that while everyone wants to succeed, very few have been taught how to succeed. To be successful, you need to be a great leader.

The Gallop Organization states by the authority of over 70 years of research that people who are lead by great leaders have a greater workplace satisfaction, decreased turnover, and much higher levels of customer satisfaction. In these organizations not only do the CEOs get paid handsomely, but the organizations and employees also enjoy higher monetary returns.

In this Webinar, I am going to discuss 4 leadership principles learned while in Iraq that have changed my life and dramatically improved my leadership ability. While these rules were tried and tested in Iraq, I am confident that they work very well any place you decide to employ them.

Not convinced you will benefit from this lecture? Let me ask you three short questions? 

  1. Can you see how greater workplace satisfaction, greater personal and professional development, higher patient satisfaction, and higher salaries would provide you with tremendous job satisfaction and personal happiness?
  2. Are you interested in job satisfaction and personal happiness?
  3. When do you think would be the best time to begin improving your job satisfaction and personal happiness?

I cannot wait talk with you on August 13, at 1pm CDT, where I will show you how these four simple leadership principles will make you a better leader:

  1. Take time to ________________________
  2. Never settle for ______________________
  3. Know what __________________________
  4. It's not ______________________________



Robert B. Blankenship, MD, FACEP, won the Meritorious Service Medal while assigned as a Staff Emergency Medicine Physician at Darnall Army Community Hospital, in July 2004, and the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service while serving as the Task Force Surgeon with 1-66 AR, 4ID during Operation Iraqi Freedom, in 2003. Currently, he is the Medical Director at St. Vincent Medical Center Northeast in Fishers, Indiana. 


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