Council Committees

You must be a Councillor or Alternate Councillor to serve on a Council committee.

Volunteer to serve on a Council committee and lend your experience and expertise! Brief descriptions for each committee are listed below.  Council committee applications are due July 31, 2017.

Eligible members will be appointed to the following committees: 2018 Steering Committee; 2018 Tellers, Credentials, and Elections Committee; 2018 Council Award Committee; and 2017 Reference Committees for the 2017 Council meeting in Washington, DC. Brief descriptions of each committee are located under “Council Committees” below.

There is an application form for the Steering Committee and a separate application form for the other Council committees.

Steering Committee application.  

Council Committee application  

Please contact Mary Ellen Fletcher, CPC, CEDC, at 800-798-1822, ext. 3145, or if you have any questions. Reference Committee appointments will be finalized in August and all other Council committee appointments will be finalized in October. 

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The Candidate Forum Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Council Steering Committee.  Subcommittee members develop questions for written response from Board, president-elect, and Council officer candidates and also plan and host the annual Candidate Forum. 

Council Awards Committee members review nominations and select the recipient(s) of the Council Meritorious Service Award and other Council awards. The committee's work is conducted by email and conference call.  

The Nominating Committee nominates candidates for the Board of Directors and president-elect annually and the Council officers every two years. The committee's work is conducted by email and conference call.  

Reference Committee members hear testimony on assigned resolutions and develop and present recommendations for disposition of the assigned resolutions to the Council.  Requires attendance at the annual Council meeting and a Reference Committee briefing the evening prior.  Reference Committee hearings occur o

- 3/1/2017

Steering Committee members provide counsel to the speaker and vice speaker, provide leadership to councillors, coordinate the activities of the Council meetings, and develop policies, procedures, and resolutions as requested. Requires attendance at three meetings each year:  January at ACEP headquarters in Irving, TX (funding provided); May at the Leadership and Advocacy Conference in Washington, DC (partial funding - one night hotel, two per diem); and the evening before the annual Council meeting (no funding).  

Tellers Committee members conduct voting on resolutions and elections during Council meetings, work to achieve 100 percent representation at Council meetings, provide assistance to new councillors, and monitor the Council floor.  Requires attendance at the annual Council meeting and a committee meeting the evening prior.  The 2017 Council meeting is October 27-28, 2017, in Washington, DC.   

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