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Minnesota Chapter ACEP - Human Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation
Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation is a widespread, rampant activity that occurs in all areas of the country. There are many groups that are trying to call attention and awareness to this issue and they have addressed it through early education in the school system, prevention and intervention by way of social services, and cessation and prosecution by law enforcement and the judicial system. Currently the nation’s Emergency Departments and emergency care providers have not been part of this process and have received little, if any, education about this problem.

Pennsylvania Chapter ACEP - Educating Teens About the Dangers of Distracted Driving
The original purpose of the grant was to reach teenagers and increase awareness of the dangers of distracted driving by developing a video and print article testimonials from numerous perspectives. The Chapter changed its original objective to focus on the new law signed in late 2011 to educate teens about the new law. The goal was to develop a 30-second video public service announcement to educate parents and teenagers regarding the new Graduated Driver's Licensing law.

Massachusetts College of Emergency Physicians

This project was to measure the true burden of BH boarders and understand patient characteristics that make up BH boarders by collecting real-time boarding date of BH patients along with certain demographics and comorbid variables.

Colorado Chapter ACEP - Residency Leadership Curriculum
This project developed a leadership training curriculum geared toward resident physicians with a strong focus on the fundamentals of leadership as they directly apply to the field of emergency medicine. Emphasis was placed on predefined leadership skills with the goal of providing young physicians the tools to maximize early leadership opportunities, affording them the ability to better achieve and succeed in future leadership roles. The project created a Residency Leadership Curriculum, addressing eight ‘tenets’ of leadership. To view the rest of the curriculum and to download presentations, you will need a user name and password. Please contact Barb Burgess, CO ACEP Executive Director to access this information.

Ohio Chapter - What's In It For Me?  A Guide to Value Added Membership in Ohio ACEP
The Ohio Chapter attempted to demonstrate to its members the value of what the chapter accomplishes on behalf of its members. It differs from the membership materials of national ACEP and focused on the overall benefit of belonging to the chapter. It highlighted successful endeavors, including legislative and reimbursement victories, to show the actual benefits and value of membership in the Ohio Chapter. This project developed a brochure as a template that can be used by other chapters and distributed in various ways for them to customize and use as they see fit. It was designed to attract new members and retain current members.

Michigan Chapter Grant - Emergency Preparedness Resources & Education
The Michigan College of Emergency Physicians was awarded a chapter grant to create a package containing a video introduction along with data files with resource and educational materials for emergency department use in education, planning drills and improving preparedness. Part of the material is not state specific so that other chapters could use this material and only have to produce a short segment covering state-specific information. The data files have been sorted into folders that are universal and then state specific. This project coordinates well with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) training. This information introduces users to the NIMS and encourages them to become a part of the national response plan (NRP).


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Texas College of Emergency Physicians - Choosing Wisely Campaign at the State Level
The Texas College of Emergency Physicians joined the Choosing Wisely Campaign. The Chapter developed flyers discussing the campaign, and other chapters can also use the flyer as a model for their chapter.  

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