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As a member of ACEP, you have at your fingertips the ultimate tool to maximize your professional opportunities. Find the right position from the most comprehensive resource of Emergency Medicine jobs available at EM Career Central.

Access boundless opportunities. Keep your professional image top notch by using these free tools, available only through EM Career Central:

  • Keep up-to-date records of your professional accomplishments in one highly organized format by building a personalized, professional website with My Site.
  • Ensure that you include the most important, relevant information that employers seek–and customize your resume–by using Resume Builder.
  • Access the most coveted Emergency Medicine opportunities in the industry. Don’t miss an opportunity–sign up for Job Alerts.
  • Uncover your professional style and identify optimum work settings by taking the state-of-the-art self-evaluation tool, My Work Style.
  • You’re in a great position to gain the greatest possible exposure in your field. ACEP’s job bank is part of a larger network of Emergency Medicine opportunities on both the local and national levels.

EM Career Central Customer Care, 888-884-8242, 

Get more out of your career with these free webinars from ACEP! 

Academic Emergency Medicine: The Traditions of the Non-Traditoinal Career  
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How to Find a Job in Emergency Medicine
Presented by Cathy Talley, Senior Account Manager, Find the course objectives and more information about the presenter here.

Leadership Lessons from the Front Lines in Iraq 
Presented by Robert Blankenship MD, FACEP. Find out more about the presentation here.

Top 10 Mistakes Emergency Physicians Make When Switching Jobs and How to Avoid Them
Presented by James G. Adams, MD, FACEP. Find out more about the presentation here

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