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GSACEP: Who We Are

Founded in 1977, GSACEP has grown to over 1,000 members throughout the United States and overseas. Our members represent the broad spectrum of emergency physicians in the military and federal healthcare system. They are active duty military emergency physicians, or reservists and National Guard members who work in civilian hospitals. They are emergency physicians at the Veterans Administration, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or other federal agencies. Government Services is their voice.

Our mission is to empower military and federal emergency physicians to thrive.

Collaboration and Policy

  • GSACEP enables Active Duty Tri-Service members to exchange ideas and to collaborate on research. It assists in swaps between services.
  • GSACEP has resident representatives from all three services and works closely with the Consultants in all three services.
  • By working together, GSACEP enables emergency physicians working for the federal government to collaborate on position statements that support the practice of EM within the federal healthcare system. This includes helping to develop policy at individual institutions or services.

CME and Educational Products

  • The Government Services Symposium: Our ACEP-approved CME meeting is geared to meet the needs of emergency physicians in the federal healthcare system with nationally recognized speakers, and innovative labs and workshops. Besides an extensive curriculum with a focus on clinical practice, the three-day course may also include at no additional cost:
         Advanced Ultrasound
         Oral Board Review Course
         LLSA Review
  • EPIC Newsletter and GSACEP website: Both the newsletter and our website have offered free CME courses to members.

Important Initiatives

  • GSACEP supports our EM physicians with an Operational Medicine section on our website and material on preparation for deployments.
  • GSACEP has been very beneficial in representing military EM and the concerns of the federal healthcare system at the national ACEP level.


Government Services committees address your needs and issues. Would you like to be involved? We encourage all our members to take an active role in shaping the chapter through its committees and task forces.

  • Awards Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Conference Committee
  • Membership Committee

    You have a strong voice in GSACEP. Let us represent your interests.

Leadership Opportunities

  • The Excellence in Military Emergency Medicine Award: This award recognizes a leader who has contributed to military emergency medicine and impacted the profession. Each year, members of GSACEP are invited to submit candidate names for this award.
  • The Medical Director Award: Recognizes those in leadership positions who demonstrate significant contributions to their department in quality patient care, operational effectiveness, education, community service, collaboration with nursing. Each year, GSACEP members submit candidate names for this award.
  • Rising Star Award is intended to honor the junior Emergency Medicine staff that most exemplifies excellence and dedication to service. GSACEP members submit candidate names annually for this award.
  • The GSACEP Fellowship in Leadership and Advocacy Award is designed to develop and groom future military and federal emergency medicine leaders. This is a two-year program with extensive participation in GSACEP and ACEP.
  • GSACEP Officers and Councillors are elected by our Membership. All Active members may vote on our website. A Resident representative is voted upon by Resident members.
  • Based on their participation in the Chapter during the prior year, Alternate Councillors are chosen to represent the chapter at ACEP’s Scientific Assembly.


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