Letter from the Editor

Joshua M. Glazer, MD

Thanks for joining us for another installment of the QIPS Newsletter. We hope you’re able to make it to the Section meeting in Washington DC later this month during the ACEP Scientific Assembly. Speaking of which, we received feedback from you, our membership, that the original meeting time would have interfered with family plans for many folks. Rest assured, after some good old-fashioned PDCA and advocacy by our Section leadership, the meeting has been moved up to 9:30-11:30 am on Sunday October, 29th. See you there!

In this month’s Newsletter, you’ll be (trick-or-) treated to:

  • In a thought-provoking “QIPS TIPS” Shari Welch, MD, FACHE, FACEP discusses professional performance and efficiency, and details what we should be (but likely are not currently) doing to enhance them.
  • Are you sometimes frustrated when changes you seek to effect encounter resistance or roadblocks? Venkatesh R. Bellamkonda, MD explains the “ADKAR” system for change implementation which might help you avoid these impediments in your future work.
  • Have you ever fallen victim to cognitive bias in the clinical arena? Of course you have. Here, David Klein, MD shares a metacognitive personal story detailing how he too fell victim to cognitive bias, and explains strategies to mitigate these cerebral landmines going forward.

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