Chest Pain Rural Emergency Quality Series

As the U.S. healthcare system moves towards value-based payment reform, hospitals and physicians are working to prepare themselves for the increased emphasis on linking payment to quality measures. This is uniquely challenging for rural hospitals and rural emergency departments who operate in low-resource settings.
In alliance with ACEP, the Emergency Quality Network (E-QUAL) was formed through support from the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. E-QUAL will help your rural ED meet the quality requirements of MIPS and allow you to improve your Medicare payments.

Dr. Margaret Greenwood-Ericksen, an EM rural health researcher, has collaborated with E-QUAL to create a rural-ED specific initiative called the Rural Emergency Quality Series (REQS). We know that QI projects look different at rural EDs, when compared to urban, academic centers - and we want to help you address these unique challenges.

The REQS is a series of webinars that go hand-in-hand with the E-QUAL collaboratives - there will be one for Sepsis, one for Chest Pain and one for Avoidable Imaging. The REQS house the Rural Toolkits. which are combination of Webinars and Ready-To-Use Tools to help you more easily implement QI projects in rural EDs. Each REQS will feature a rural experts and a rural ED - or rural academic center of excellence (ACE) - who has already successfully implemented a QI project on these topics.

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Rural Emergency Quality Series: Chest Pain Toolkit

Webinar 1: “Introduction: Rural Emergency Quality Series - Chest Pain"
Our first webinar reviews E-QUAL, outlines the rural chest pain toolkit, and introduces us to our ACE - Mat-Su Regional Medical Center in Palmer, Alaska.

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Webinar 2: “Foundations for Rural Chest Pain QI"
Our second webinar outlines the implementation and initiation of chest pain QI initiatives for your rural ED. We hear from our ACE, Mat-Su Regional Medical Center about their process as they share valuable insights into their hospital's programs.

This webinar includes several ready-to-use tools for your rural Chest Pain QI project:

  1. "Introduction to E-QUAL" - presentation for your staff, explaining EQUAL and chest pain QI
  2. "One-pager Kick-off" - document that can be circulated to your c-suite and community, explaining your efforts to improve chest pain care in your ED
  3. Our ACE's Chest Pain protocols - designed specifically for the low-resource setting 

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Webinar 3: "Scaling it up - Statewide STEMI Care"
Our third webinar explores statewide STEMI networks - discussing their benefits and the steps towards creating a state-based chest pain and STEMI initiative. Our rural experts from Mat-Su Regional return to tell us about Alaska's statewide STEMI initiative.

This webinar includes ready-to-use tools from Mat-Su and the Alaska Statewide STEMI initiative.
Mat-Su's Patient with Suspicion of STEMI Algorithm
Alaska's Statewide STEMI Recommendations

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