Tech Updates: Best Apps Part 3: Echo and Critical Care Apps

Mark Byrne MD


Over the past several newsletters, I’ve been covering my picks for the best iOS apps relevant to the emergency sonographer. Whether used for bedside teaching, as a portable reference, or to advance your own ultrasound education, there are a growing number of excellent apps available for your iPhone and iPad.

For this newsletter, I’ll be covering echocardiography and critical care ultrasound apps in the third and final part of this series.

StatUS Version: 1.4 Size: 0.6 MB Price: Free
by Damien Tagan iTunes link     
 StatUS The first of several free apps on this list. A simple, concise app for looking up information about a number of advanced cardiac techniques. Includes illustrations detailing LV and RV wall territories, a cardiac output calculator, RA pressure (preload) estimations, and sizing of pericardial and pleural effusion volumes.


LungUS Version: 1.0 Size: 3.1 MB Price: Free
by Damien Tagan iTunes link    
 LungUS Another free app by the same author, with the same simple and clean app design. Does an excellent job covering the basics of lung ultrasound. Very nice illustrations and ultrasound images of thoracic anatomy, A- and B-lines, M-mode pleural sliding, lung consolidation, and pleural effusion characteristics and volume estimates.


EchoCalc Version: 2.0  Size: 8.7 MB  Price: Free
by British Society of Echocardiography App review iTunes link      Google Play link
 EchoCalc   Another free app, available for both iOS and Android. Published by the BSE, this comprehensive app covers the gamut of echo measurements. Targeted for Cardiologists, many topics are advanced valve measurements, but also has useful, nicely illustrated sections on chamber sizes, LV systolic and diastolic function.


Shock Echo Version: 2.1  Size: 102 MB Price: Free
by Sonoscope  iTunes link   
Shock Echo One of only two apps on this list truly dedicated to EM/Critical Care, Shock Echo presents the algorithm for Echo Guided Life Support (EGLS). Focuses on the essential questions that ultrasound helps to answer at the bedside of a critically ill patient. Great app design. Clean, simple, and well-adapted for a mobile platform. Now free!


TTE Views Version: 1.0 Size: 34.5 MB Price: $2.99
by Pietro Bertini iTunes link    
TTE Views A straightforward app well-designed for the mobile platform. Does an excellent job demonstrating both basic and advanced echo views via simple illustrations, video clips, and brief descriptions of how to obtain the images. Also includes a section with advanced echo calculators more appropriate for the ultrasound superuser.


Echocardiography pocketcards Version: 2.2 Size: 14.7 MB Price: $3.99
by Börm Bruckmeier Publishing LLC App review iTunes link Google Play link
ECHO Definitely more appropriate for the ultrasound superuser and those interested in having a comprehensive list of advanced echo values and measurements. Best experienced using the “Classic View” format, which is a zoomable electronic version of the traditional physical pocket cards. Available for both iOS and Android.


iASE   Version: 2.5  Size: 119 MB Price: $4.99
by American Society of Echocardiography App review iTunes link Google Play link
 iASE Published by the ASE, the values and recommended techniques in this app are the “gold standards” in echo. Targeted for Cardiologists, covers in detail left and right heart chamber sizing, systolic and diastolic function, and valvular pathology. Includes an excellent library of mobile PDF versions of a number of ASE guideline papers.


EchoSource  Version: 1.1  Size: 112 MB Price: $4.99
by ECGsource LLC  App review iTunes link Google Play link
EchoSource One of the few apps on this list which aims to be a pocket manual explaining how to perform an echo.  More geared towards a Cardiologist audience, covers normal views and anatomy as well as a variety of pathology. Includes an extensive collection of excellent videos and images demonstrating both normal views and pathology.


TTE Standard Views  Version: 1.2  Size: 68.3 MB Price: $4.99
by University Health Network iTunes link  
 TTE Standard Views Only available on the iPad, this very well-executed app demonstrates echo views accompanied by outstanding 3-D models, which can be rotated in space to help orient the learning sonographer. Explains how to obtain the view as well as what each view is used for. Access the tutorial (for free!) on your computer at this link.


Diagnostic Ultrasound Video Clips Version: 1.2 Size: 22.7 MB Price: $7.99
by Shujunsha Co. Ltd.  iTunes link  
 Diagnostic Ultrasound Video Clips Very straightforward in both purpose and presentation, this app is a collection of video clips demonstrating all the normal echo views.  At this purpose, it works quite well, but don’t expect much on explanation. There are two other apps in the series with echo clips demonstrating a variety of congenital and acquired heart disease.


FOCUS Pocket Guide Version: 1.2 Size: 147 MB Price: $28.99
by CAE Healthcare Inc.  iTunes link   
FOCUS Pocket Guide The second app on this list dedicated to EM/Critical Care, FOCUS does an excellent job presenting the essentials of focused bedside echo. Concise text highlights key information, and videos and illustrations are outstanding. Includes several more advanced echo techniques, yet distills to what’s relevant for the clinical sonographer.

Disclaimer from ACEP: The apps listed above are for illustrative purposes only and all intellectual property rights vest completely with the respective owners. ACEP does not formally endorse, certify, guarantee, or warrant the products or services described in this article.



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