CDC Information on Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome  
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site includes the criteria for suspect cases and guidance for state and local health departments.

World Health Organization SARS Information 
This comprehensive site is updated daily and includes frequently asked questions, travel advisories, number of reported cases, and more.

Current Issue of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 
Includes updates on SARS.

New England Journal of Medicine articles on SARS 
This issue of the NEJM was posted to the Web early due to public health concerns. It includes an editorial by CDC Director Julie Gerberding, MD and articles on the identification of SARS in Canada, the clinical features of the disease, and more.

Increasing Clinician Preparedness for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome 
This CDC webcast was held May 8, 2003. The program is designed for clinicians and includes information on early recognition, diagnosis (including clinical and laboratory diagnostic tests), and containment.

Updated Interim U.S. Case Definition of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome  
Issued by the CDC, this definition includes laboratory, clinical and epidemiologic criteria

Supplement I: Infection Control in Healthcare, Home, and Community Settings
To facilitate identification of patients who may have SARS in ambulatory care settings, targeted screening questions concerning fever, respiratory symptoms, close contact with a SARS suspect case patient, and recent travel should be included.

SARS Infection Control and Exposure Management 
Includes guidance from the CDC on exposure management for health care workers and screening guidance in an ambulatory care setting.

ACEP Resources

CDC Rolls Out E-mail Notification System for Clinicians 

CDC SARS Update – March 28, 2003
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