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Sobering Centers, 2014


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Emergency Department Violence: An Overview and Compilation of Resources. 2016

Falls - Underdeveloped Opportunity to Save Lives and Prevent Injury. 2017

Pedestrian Injury Prevention through Vision Zero Model, 2015

Public Health and Access to Emergency Care, 2007

Public Health Impact of Crowding and Boarding of Inpatients, 2009

Recognizing the Needs of Incarcerated Patients in the ED, 2006

Respiratory Hygiene in the Emergency Department, 2006

Review of Healthy People 2020 Proposed Objectives, 2009  

Risk Assessment and Tools for Identifying Patients at High Risk for Violence and Self-Harm in the ED, 2015

Sexual Assault Victims’ DNA Bill of Rights and the Role of the Emergency Physician, 2016

Synthetic Drug Overdose, 2015


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Interest in falls in emergency medicine is growing, with some high-quality research published in the last few years. The following resources focus on ED assessment of and prevention of falls in older adults. 

This table provides a listing of known sobering centers with detailed site specific information about capacity, client encounters, staffing, length of stay, and regulatory agency involvement to name a few. This information is based on a survey developed by the Public Health and Injury Prevention Committee (PHIPC) and submitted to the ACEP Board of Directors in October 2013.

- 4/8/2014

Sobering Centers are facilities that provide a safe, supportive, environment for mostly uninsured, homeless or marginally housed publicly intoxicated individuals to become sober. Sobering centers provide services for alcohol-dependent individuals that may have secondary problems such as drug abuse/dependence, mental illness and/or medical issues.

From December 2009, this document is an overview of ACEP's comments and recommendations on the HHS Healthy People 2020 campaign.

 Published in Annals of Emergency Medicine November 2006, this article was written by ACEP’s Public Health Committee.

- 3/29/2017

For ACEP policy statements related to Violence, please visit the Violence and Abuse section of the online policy statements. Additional Resources   Family Violence Policy Statements Domestic Family Violence   Domestic Violence: The Role of EMS Personnel     

- 9/12/2007

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