Legacy Society Members Plan Gifts to EMF

December 2009

Emergency medicine may be the youngest of medical specialties, but it has already established a legacy of excellence, generosity, and leadership.

The Emergency Medicine Foundation has also continued this path by supporting vital research and education in the specialty.

EMF's Wiegenstein Legacy Society, named after ACEP's founding father, Dr. John Wiegenstein, is a special group that recognizes individuals who provide support for EMF through planned gifts.

A popular type of planned gift is a bequest, but there are many other options, including ones that can minimize estate and gift taxes.

Many current and past College leaders have become charter members, including Dr. Nancy J. Auer, Dr. Pamela P. Bensen, Dr. Michael D. Bishop, Dr. Brooks F. Bock, Dr. Bruce Moskow, Dr. Leonard M. Riggs Jr., Dr. John J. Rogers, Dr. John A. Russ III, Dr. Sandra M. Schneider, Dr. Richard L. Stennes, Dr. Thomas J. Sugarman, Dr. Robert E. Suter, Dr. David E. Wilcox, Dr. Bob M. Williams, and many others who wish to remain anonymous.

Join the Wiegenstein Legacy Society as a charter member and leave a legacy in emergency medicine.

For more information, visit www.EMFoundation.org, or call Holly Hull Miori, MTS, at 800-798-1822, ext. 3216.


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