CDC SARS Update – March 28, 2003

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Clinician Briefing
March 28, 2003

1. Updated SARS Case Definition
The previous CDC SARS case definition (published March 22, 2003) has been updated to include all of mainland China in addition to areas previously listed. Additional details are available at

2. Interim Infection Control Precautions for SARS Patients and Close Contacts in Households
This guidance updates close contact information contained in the material published March 18, 2003 and is available at:
General patient information on SARS is available at:

3. Advice for travelers
This document provides patient information for those who may be traveling to or from the affected areas and is available at:

4. Isolation and Quarantine
To date, CDC has recommended isolation of individuals with SARS, but has not compelled quarantine or isolation of these individuals.  Additional information including patient information is available at:

5. MMRW Update on SARS
This document includes descriptive epidemiology, travel recommendations and laboratory investigations related to SARS, and is available at:

Additional information is available at

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