Reduce Avoidable Imaging Initiative

Reducing Avoidable Imaging Goal: 

To reduce testing and imaging with low risk patients through the implementation of Choosing Wisely Recommendations

Aims for this initiative include:

  • Reduce use of high-cost imaging for low back pain
  • Reduce head CT scan after minor head injury
  • Reduce chest CT for pulmonary embolus
  • Reduce abdominal CT for renal colic
  • Head CT for syncope

Avoidable Imaging Wave III - Launching March 21, 2018

Download E-QUAL's Portal Access Guide for detailed instructions on enrolling in a 2018 Learning Collaborative. 

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Avoidable Imaging Wave II Webinar Series

E-QUAL Avoidable Imaging CME Collection
Webinar Topic
How to engage clinicians to reduce avoidable imaging
MIPS, Clinical Practice Improvement Activities and Quality Metrics

Power Point (PDF)
Working with Radiology to Reduce avoidable imaging: Misconceptions and Frustrations about emergency medicine and Radiology
Power Point (PDF)
Renal Colic (Clinical Topic)
PE CT (Clinical Topic)

Power Point (PDF)
MIPS, QPP and CPIA- How these relate to the E-QUAL Learning Collaborative
Slide Deck
Low Back Pain (Clinical Topic)
Slide Deck
Malpractice - A Driver of Over-Ordering
Slide Deck
Head Trauma (Clinical Topic)
Slide Deck | Supplemental Audio
M&M and Overtesting: How to Discuss Diagnostic Error Without Causing Unnecessary Imaging
Slide Deck

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E-QUAL Initiatives Portal

Why Participate in E-QUAL?

The Avoidable Imaging Initiative Wave II will have a learning period of 6-9 months with numerous benefits:

  • Meet new CMS MIPS requirements for Improvement Activities
  • Meet TJC OPPE requirements Submit and receive benchmarking data
  • Feature ED's commitment to high value care to payers
  • Provide ED with access to initiative aligned with CMS hospital quality reporting and payment initiatives

Avoidable Imaging Initiative Tool Kit

MIPS and IA Credit

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