Join the Spokespersons' Network

Download instructions for completing the Online ACEP Spokesperson Application.  

Are you an ACEP member who is interested in working with our public relations efforts to promote important public messages about the specialty of emergency medicine? Then, become an ACEP spokesperson.

Here's how: Please login to the website using your personal account information*, and under 'My ACEP' complete your Spokespersons' Network Application online. If approved, you will receive regular communications from ACEP's Public Relations Department. 

ACEP requires all of its spokespeople to take at least one media training class offered during Scientific Assembly or the Leadership and Advocacy Conference. Both an introductory and advanced course are provided during Scientific Assembly. If you apply to be a spokesperson prior to one of these meetings, you must take the next available class.  Failure to do so could jeopardize your status as a spokesperson. 

ACEP spokespeople are speaking on behalf of ACEP and must represent its clinical policies and policy statements, accurately and consistently. Spokespeople are also asked to identify themselves as a "spokesperson with the American College of Emergency Physicians" and to provide any relevant leadership titles such as "chair of ACEP’s Pediatric Emergency Medicine Committee."

*If you do not know your personal account information, please contact Elaine Salter in the Public Relations Department, or a Membership & Customer Service Representative in our Dallas office for assistance.  



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