E-QUAL Network Sepsis Initiative

Sepsis Initiative Goal:

To improve the outcomes of ED patients with sepsis.

Our aims for this initiative include:

  • To improve provider and nurse knowledge of early identification, treatment and reassessment of sepsis
    • To assist EDs in implementing best practices that support evidence-based sepsis care
    • To improve performance on metrics and meet regulatory requirement: CMS SEP-1 and CEDR sepsis measure
    • To develop expertise in the application of effective clinical and quality improvement method

Sepsis Wave II Webinar Series 


Webinar Topic

MIPS, Clinical Practice Improvement Activities and Sepsis Quality Metrics

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New recommendations from the Surviving Sepsis Campaign and what do they mean for the ED with Dr. Laura Evans and Tiffany Osborn

How to use the E-QUAL Portal and submit Activity 2

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CMS SEP-1 measure—Early Insights and Experience
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How to engage nurses in sepsis identification and early measures
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Fluid and Pressors Management: Challenging Cases and Exceptions
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MIPS, QPP and CPIA- How these relate to the E-QUAL Learning Collaborative Activities
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Sepsis Reassessment
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Achieving the Triple Aim in Critical Care Using Advanced IT and Business Strategy
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Balancing Antibiotics Stewardship with Sepsis
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The guidelines, measures, education and quality improvement (qi) activities and related data specifications developed by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Emergency Quality Network are intended to facilitate quality improvement activities by physicians. The materials are intended to provide information and assist physicians in enhancing quality of care. The materials do not establish a standard of medical care, and have not been tested for all potential applications and therefore should not be used as a substitute for clinical or medical judgment. Materials are subject to review and may be revised or rescinded at any time by ACEP. The materials may not be altered without prior written approval from ACEP. The materials, while copyrighted, can be reproduced and distributed, without modification, for noncommercial purposes (e.g., use by health care providers in connection with their practices).

Neither ACEP nor its members shall be responsible for any use of the materials or measures.

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E-QUAL Initiatives Portal

Why Participate in E-QUAL?

The Sepsis learning collaborative will have a learning period of 9 months with numerous benefits:

  • Meet new CMS MIPS requirements for Clinical Practice Improvement Activities
  • Meet TJC OPPE requirements
  • Submit and receive benchmarking data
  • Feature ED's commitment to high value care to payers
  • Provide ED with access to initiative aligned with CMS hospital quality reporting and payment initiatives
Sepsis Initiative Tool Kit MIPS and CPIA Credit
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