Well-Being Committee

Rita Manfredi-Shutler MD, FACEP (DC) Chair
Sarah Albers MD, MPH, FACEP (MI)
Bryan Balentine MD, FACEP (AL)  
Serena Baqai DO, FACEP (IL)  
Thomas Benzoni DO, FACEP (IA)  
Amy Betz MD (WA)  
Sharon Bintliff MD, FACEP (HI)  
Lauren Bland MD (AR)  
Caleb Canders MD (CA)  
Michael Carius MD, FACEP (CT)  
Douglas Char MD, FACEP (MO)  
Arlene Chung MD (NY)  
Kathleen Clem MD, FACEP (FL)  
Kathryn Crowley MD (DE)  
Alicia Devine MD, JD, FACEP (VA)  
Constance Doyle MD, FACEP (MI)  
Rebecca Goett MD (NJ)  
Rachelle Greenman MD, FACEP (NJ)  
Sheryl Heron MD, MPH, FACEP (GA)  
Emily Hirsh MD, FACEP (TX)  
Julia Huber MD, FACEP (KY)  
Dennis Hughes DO, FACEP (MO)  
Elaine Josephson MD, FACEP (NY)  
Diann Krywko MD, FACEP (SC)  
Daniel Lakoff MD, FACEP (NY)  
Michelle Lall MD, FACEP (GA)  
Leann Mainis MD (CA) EMRA
Kristin McCabe-Kline MD, FACEP (FL)  
Laura McPeake MD, FACEP (RI)  
Karolyn Moody DO, MPH (TN)  
Katie Rebillot DO (NY)
Katherine Schultes MD (NJ)  
Rosanna Sikora MD, FACEP (WV)  
Jessica Smolar MD (NJ)  
Ramin Tabatabai MD, FACEP (CA)  
Carissa Tyo MD (IL)  
Mary Warlaumont MD (VA)  
Christina Weaver DO (MI)  
Lori Weichenthal MD, FACEP (CA)  
Debra Williams MD, FACEP (FL)  
Matthew Wong MD (MA)

Jay A. Kaplan, MD, FACEP Board Liaison

Nicole Tidwell, Staff Liaison 

Well-Being Committee Minutes

Well-Being Committee Annual Report (PDF)

 Well-Being Committee Objectives   

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