The Precursor of Annals Debuts

As ACEP grew, it needed a respectable journal. The editor of "Emergency Medicine" had offered 2 to 4 pages a month for ACEP news. Future ACEP president Dr. George Podgorny, who had academic surgical training, objected to being ‘captive’ and led the fight to reject the offer.

Staid title and all, the Journal of the American College of Emergency Physicians began bi-monthly publication in January of 1972. "JACEP’s editorial content will include only that information which is of specific interest and value to the emergency physician and his co-workers" promised editor John van de Leuv, MD.

The first issue included an ACEP stump speech from James Mills, MD, as well as general articles on treating drug abuse, dental procedures in the emergency department, antibiotic use, acute eye problems, and arrhythmia in myocardial infarctions.

And just in case somebody didn’t grasp the talking points of the emergency medicine movement, there was also an article by Merlin K. Duval, Assistant Secretary for Health and Scientific Affairs at the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. JACEP’s 10-second summary: "Delivery of emergency medical care following an accident or injury may be likened to a ‘chain’ of events. To improve the quality and strength of this chain, it is necessary to improve the quality of every link. The time is now."

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