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Pediatric Emergency Medicine Committee

Madeline Joseph MD, FACEP (FL) Chair
Kiyetta Alade MD (TX)
Christopher Amato MD, FACEP (NJ)
Jahn Avarello MD, FACEP (NY)
Steven Baldwin MD, FACEP (AL)
Isabel Barata MD, FACEP (NY)
Lee Benjamin MD, FACEP (MI)
Kathleen Berg MD (TX) EMRA
Kathleen Brown MD, FACEP (MD)
Jeffrey Bullard-Berent MD, FACEP (NM)
Ann Dietrich MD, FACEP (OH)
Phillip Friesen DO (TX)
Michael Gerardi MD, FACEP (NJ)
Alan Heins MD, FACEP (AL)
Douglas Holtzman MD, FACEP (SC)
James (Jim) Homme MD, FACEP (MN)
Timothy Horeczko MD, FACEP (CA)
Paul Ishimine MD, FACEP (CA)
Katharine Long MD (GS)
Kurtis Mayz JD, MD, MBA (IL)
Sanjay Mehta MD, FACEP (Int’l )
Larry Mellick MD, FACEP (GA)
Aderonke Ojo MD, FACEP (TX)
Audrey Paul MD, PhD (NY)
Denis Pauze MD, FACEP (NY)
Nadia Pearson DO, FACEP (GS)
Emory Petrack MD, FACEP (MA)
David Rayburn MD (IN)
Emily Rose MD, FACEP (CA)
William Russell MD, FACEP (SC)
Timothy Ruttan MD (CA)
Mohsen Saidinejad MD, MBA, FACEP (CA)
Brian Sanders MD (MA)
Joelle Simpson MD, MPH (DC)
Shyam Sivasankar MD (CA)
Patrick Solari MD, FACEP (WA)
Michael Stoner MD, FACEP (OH)
Jonathan Valente MD, FACEP (RI)
Jessica Wall MD (PA)
Dina Wallin MD (CA)
Muhammad Waseem MD, MS, FACEP (NY)
Paula Whiteman MD, FACEP (CA)
Dale Woolridge MD, PhD, FACEP (AZ)

  Debra G. Perina, MD, FACEP, Board Liaison

Loren Rives, MNA, Staff Liaison

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Committee Minutes

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Committee Annual Report (PDF)

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Committee Objectives (PDF) 


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