New ACEP Headquaters

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It’s Official!

ACEP’s new address is: 4950 W. Royal Lane, Irving, TX 75063-2524

Our PO Box, phone numbers and email addresses remain the same. DC office contact information remains the same.

In the 30 years since ACEP moved to its current headquarters, the College’s membership, finances, and activities have more than tripled in size. ACEP staff has more than doubled.

There is a serious need for a more energy-efficient building that does not require as many repairs, more utilizes current technology, and provides more amenities for the visitors to who attend more than a dozen meetings and conferences each year at our facility.

But perhaps most crucial is that the current 30,000 square-foot space is inadequate for ACEP staff to do the critical work to support our growing membership and mission.

After an extensive analysis by ACEP’s management team, the Finance Committee and Board of Directors, the College purchased six acres of land in June 2014 for a new 60,000 square-foot headquarters near Dallas-Fort Worth airport.

Groundbreaking took place in April 2015 and by the end of summer 2016, ACEP should be able to move into its new headquarters, the home of ACEP for the next 30 years – perhaps much longer.

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