Awards Committee

John J. Rogers, MD, CPE, FACEP (GA) Chair

James J. Augustine, MD, FACEP (OH)

A. Compton Broders, MD, FACEP (TX)

Francis L. Counselman, MD, FACEP (VA)

Wesley A. Curry, MD, FACEP (CA)

Jeff A.  Goodloe, MD, FACEP (OK)

Jon Mark Hirshon, MD, PhD, MPH, FACEP (MD)

Edward C. Jauch, MD, FACEP (SC)

Brian F. Keaton, MD, FACEP (OH)

Nathaniel R. Schlicher, MD, JD, FACEP (WA)

Chair and Board Liaison:  John J. Rogers, MD, CPE, FACEP
Sonja Montgomery, CAE Staff Liaison

Awards Committee Annual Report  

Awards Committee Objectives  


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