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Milestones Assessment Video
The Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has mandated that every specialty create milestones that are performance activities for that specialty.  Every resident must be periodically assessed in the ability to correctly perform these activities, and competence in performance is required for successful completion of training. Our specialty has created and made available checklists and other documents to assist attending physicians in their assessment of successful performance of the milestones. What has not been emphasized or widely discussed is the need to not only observe performance but question the reasoning behind that performance.

This video uses two cases to illustrate that what appears to be correct actions and decisions may be performed for incorrect reasons and provides a natural introduction for feedback and teaching.
It is vital that supervising physicians question and discuss residents’ reasoning before accepting actions as proof of competency in performing the milestones.



Committee Roster
Eric Gross MD, FACEP (CA) Chair
Dennis Allin MD, FACEP (KS)
Matthew Astin MD, FACEP (GA)
Annalee Baker MD (FL)
Bradley Barth MD, FACEP (MO)
Brian Bausano MD, FACEP (MO)
Rahul Bhat MD, FACEP (DC)
Merle Carter MD, FACEP (PA)
David Diller MD (OR)
Bram Dolcourt MD, FACEP (MI)
Jacqueline Dziedzic DO, FACEP (IL)
Mary Edens MD, FACEP (LA)
Jonathan Fisher MD, MPH, FACEP (AZ)
Nicholas Governatori MD (PA) EMRA
Autumn Graham MD (DC)
Sarah Greenberger MD, FACEP (OH)
David Griffen MD, PhD, FACEP (IL)
Todd Guth MD, FACEP (CO)
Jordana Haber MD (NV)
Alisa Hayes MD, FACEP (MO)
Jonathan Heidt MD, MHA, FACEP (MO)
David Howes MD, FACEP (IL)
Chad Kessler MD, MHPE, FACEP (GS)
Sara Krzyzaniak MD, FACEP (IL)
Samuel Luber MD, MPH, FACEP (TX)
Evie Marcolini MD, FACEP (CT)
Amal Mattu MD, FACEP (MD)
Brooke Moungey MD (WI)
Jeffrey Norvell MD, FACEP (KS)
Laura Oh MD, FACEP (NC)
Adriana Olson MD (TX)
Jeffrey Riddell MD (WA)
Ashley Rider MD (CA)
Christopher Sampson MD, FACEP (MO)
Lynn Scherer PA-C, MS (SEMPA)
Elizabeth Schiller MD, FACEP (CT)
Archana Shah MD (IL)
Michael Smith MD, MBA, CPE, FACEP (LA)
Meredith Thompson MD (VA)
Michael Valletta DO (NY)
Michael Wadman MD, FACEP (NE)
Mary Wagner MD, FACEP (MI)
Lauren Walter MD, FACEP (AL)
Stephen Wolf MD, FACEP (VA)
Caroline Yang MD (IL)

Gillian R. Schmitz, MD, FACEP, Board Liaison
Sandy M. Schneider, MD, FACEP, Staff Liaison

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Academic Affairs Committee Objectives

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