A Scientific Premiere

"Bring your wife along with you," declared the program for ACEP’s First Scientific Assembly at the Denver Hilton November 19-21, 1970. "And don’t forget your skis." More might have attended except the material took 5 weeks to arrive via penurious Third Class Mail.

But 14 faculty and 128 physicians -- about a fifth of ACEP’s membership -- attended the first educational meeting designed by emergency physicians to meet the needs of their new style of medicine. Future president R.R. Hannas, MD, designed a curriculum ranging from tracheotomies and burn treatment to legal and financial issues for practitioners. "You  could just feel the enthusiasm in the hallway," remembered then president John Wiegenstein, MD. "They were just vibrant."

Fiscal flashback: Registration cost $50 for members, $75 for non-members.

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