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    Chest Pain 1

    A 16-year-old morbidly obese female presents to the ED with breathing difficulty, chest pain, and wheezing for the past 30 minutes. She denies any prior history of asthma, but states that she was treated and released from the hospital one day earlier foran acute allergic reaction to an unknown agent. Today’s episode occurred suddenly, and the patient states that she was sitting on the couch when her symptoms began. She denies any known allergies, and reports no other medical history. She is noted to have very poor air entry in both lung fields and is in obvious distress. Anaphylaxis treatment pathway is initiated. A few minutes later, she reports intermittent sharp stabbing pain in her chest, lasting 8-10 seconds each time. The following rhythm is noted on the monitor, and corresponds with her acute pain episodes.

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    The pediatric emergency medicine section would like to express its heart-felt congratulations to Nathan Kupperman, MD, FACEP, and Marianne Gausche-Hill, MD, FACEP, for their tremendous accomplishments in pediatric emergency medicine.  Dr.Kupperman is the recipient of the Jim Seidel award for outstanding contributions to the field of pediatric emergency medicine. Dr. Marianne Gausche-Hill is the recipient of the Steve Miller award for excellence in education and mentorship.

    The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Section received 3 section awards for 2013. The Section received the Outstanding Section Web Page Award, Outstanding Newsletter Award, and an Award of Distinction for Service to Section.  

     ACEP is offering a one-year free section membership to graduating Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) Fellows.

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    Interested in pediatric clinical titles? Visit the ACEP Bookstore to view all the current Pediatric titles.

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     Please consider sharing your work with your fellow ACEP colleagues.  It’s easy to submit your articles, photos, videos, and more to the collection!  Please email your contribution to Staff Liaison Stephanie Wauson at for posting to the website.

    Follow the link to find high quality, educational medical content on pediatric emergency medicine related issues submitted by your fellow colleagues.

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    Get brief clinical tips, case studies, and illustrations to help you hone your knowledge and technique.

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    EMages Competition is Back

    For those who do not know, EMages is a clinical case and photo competition run by the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Section. Winning submissions will be presented at the annual Pediatric Section meeting this October at ACEP14 in Chicago.

    Deadline for submitting your photo and case is May 1, 2014. Winners will be announced by June 15, 2014.  Please submit your case photos to Staff Liaisons Stephanie Wauson and Dan Sullivan.

    Winners will receive an ACEP voucher, which can be spent on ACEP products (i.e., books, meetings, etc.).  First place will receive a $500 ACEP voucher; second place will receive a $250 ACEP voucher; third place will receive a $125 ACEP voucher. 

    The EMages competition is open to any faculty, fellows, residents, and medical students who are members of the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Section.

    Submission Requirements 
    Institutional Affiliation
    Level of practice(faculty, fellow, resident [PGY level], medical student [year])
    Telephone contact number
    Email Address

    Image should be submitted as a.jpg or .tiff file no smaller than 1000x780 pixels along with a 250 word case description.  Participants must sign an ACEP copyright release form available on our section web site.

    2013 EMage Award Recipients

    1st Place: Dr. Kristy Williamson and Dr. Philomena Thomas
    $500 ACEP gift voucher

    2nd Place: Dr. Amos Shemesh
    $250 ACEP gift voucher 

    3rd Place: Dr. Larry Mellick
    $125 ACEP gift voucher

    Seed Grant Awward Recipient

    Samual Lam, MD, RDMS - Dr. Lam et al were awarded $3000 for their study on the Comparative Effectiveness of Emergency Ultrasound Guided Management of Pediatric Soft Tissue Infections. 

    See 2013 Cases 


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    When Insulin Works Too Well

    Hypoglycemia is one of the most common side effects of insulin treatment of diabetes.  Current management of type 1 diabetes includes a regimen of strict glycemic control with intensive insulin therapy.  This tight control of blood glucose levels is key in reducing the risk of microvascular complications and improving daily quality of life.  However, the risk of hypoglycemia increases with this treatment model.

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    PEDS Career OpportunitiesLooking for a job in Pediatric Emergency Medicine? Check out current opportunities at EM Career Central.

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