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Litigation Stress & Related Resources - Facing a legal battle can take a toll on emergency physicians’ physical and emotional well being. While we can’t promise to completely alleviate the stress associated with litigation, the College offers several resources.

Litigation Stress Counseling is a service made available to ACEP members by the Wellness Section and Medical Legal Committee. Through this program, volunteers provide peer-to-peer litigation counseling, but do not offer legal advice. For a referral, contact the EM Practice Department at 800-798-1822, ext. 3234. In addition, ACEP offers online resources:



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Legal First Aid: A Guide for Health Care Professionals
This guide covers all aspects of both civil and criminal law problems and informs readers faced with difficult legal issues when to seek professional help. Every practicing health professional should have this guide!

Adverse Events, Stress, and Litigation: A Physician's Guide
Provides both scientific and practical information needed to understand and respond to the pressures of a medical malpractice crisis. Explains why sued physicians react as they do, and suggests ways to manage and transcend the experience. Presents the five phases of the litigation experience. Most importantly, it presents proactive and practical steps physicians can take to effectively handle the crisis and get back to enjoying medicine and their lives.

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Medical Malpractice and Errors
Health Affairs, Sept. 2010, Vol 29, #9

Medical Malpractice Insurance: Multiple Factors Have Contributed to Increased Premium Rates
June 2003 report from the General Accounting Office (GAO). Determined that sufficient data is not available on this topic. Sole recommendation is for Congress to consider encouraging NAIC and state regulators to identify and collect additional information that could be used to properly evaluate the medical malpractice insurance market.


Medical Liability Insurance Crisis
The lack of affordable liability insurance is threatening the ability of many physicians to practice medicine, potentially leaving patients without access to medical care.



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lockACEP Members

This information paper was developed by members of ACEPs Medical Legal Committee, January 2013

By Connie Nichols, MD, FACEP from the AAWEP Section Newsletter, March 2007

- 10/4/2011

This paper provides an examination of the legal concepts that drive malpractice cases involving tPA.

Dr. Greg Henry covers the most frequent documentation mistakes common to emergency physicians on their charting.

Dr. Greg Henry shares his insight and knowlege on both the technical and personal aspects of preparing for a deposition.

ACEP chapters in some states have helped enact legislation that provides special liability protection specifically for emergency care providers, including emergency physicians and on-call specialists.

- 9/10/2007 lock

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