Chapter Leadership Development

The Leadership Development Program was developed through a grant from the Chapter Grant Program. For more information on how to apply for a chapter grant, refer to the Chapter Grant Program web page.

  • The New Jersey chapter was awarded a chapter grant in 2005-2006 for a Leadership Development Program that combined elements of mentoring, organizational education, skills training and guided experiences to provide both orientation and skill development to future leaders of the chapters. The grant was very successful and has been used as a model for other chapters to use to develop future leaders. (PDF of presentation: 18 MB)

  • The Michigan chapter used the New Jersey chapter grant, Leadership Development Program, as a model to develop a leadership program for the chapter. Diane Bollman, Michigan chapter executive director, stated that the program has been very successful, and "We had ten candidates begin the course, and nine will successfully complete the requirements. They are all very viable candidates to move into leadership positions in the chapter and several have already been tapped for spots on national ACEP committees. We are very proud of each an every one of these people….." (PDF of presentation)

  • TX also developed a leadership program using the NJ chapter's Leadership Development Program as a model. (PDF of presentation)

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