FAQ 1:  Can I code for NG/OG tube placement done by the physician?

For simple placement of a NG/OG tube by a physician for aspiration/lavage (e.g. poisonings, GI bleeds) code 43753 (Gastric intubation, and aspiration(s) therapeutic, necessitating physician's skill (e.g., for gastrointestinal hemorrhage), including lavage if performed) is used. 

When fluoroscopy is used, the appropriate code to report for this service would be CPT code 43752, naso- or oro-gastric tube placement, requiring physician's skill and fluoroscopic guidance. 

For both of these codes, it will be necessary to document a procedure note describing the reason a physician's skill was required and, if applicable, evidence reporting that fluoroscopy was used.

Both of the above codes for this procedure are bundled into critical care (99291) and should not be coded separately if performed during the critical care episode.

Last Updated 04/2014

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