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Wilderness Medicine Section

With the increasing popularity of outdoor and wilderness recreation, emergency physicians find themselves treating various conditions unique to the wilderness environment.

If you love the outdoors or have special expertise in wilderness medicine, join this section for the opportunity to share your knowledge with others. You’ll develop tools to identify the unique challenges of patient care in remote settings and find resources for continuing medical education and training programs. With your expertise, your membership can provide resources to other ACEP members.  



matthewcurleyR3In the spirit of pursuing knowledge and chasing adventures and dreams, the Matthew Ryan Curley, MD, wilderness medicine scholarship fund has been lovingly established by St. Luke’s – Roosevelt Hospital Center and the Wilderness Medicine Society. Recipients will receive $1,000.00 for travel expenses and accommodations to attend the national Annual Wilderness Medical Society conference. Registration fee for the conference will be waived for the scholarship recipient. The recipient will have the option to deliver a 30-minute lecture at the national conference on a wilderness medicine topedicine topic. Visit or click image for more information.           


2014-16 Section Officers:

Chair - Marion McDevitt, DO, FACEP
Chair-elect - Lori Weichenthal, MD, FACEP
Secretary/Newsletter Editor - Emily B. Sagalyn, MD
Immediate Past Chair - Michael J. Caudell, MD, FACEP
Councillor - Susanne J. Spano, MD, FACEP
Alternate Councillor - Henderson D. McGinnis, MD, FACEP

Board Liaison - Jon Mark Hirshon, MD, MPH, PhD, FACEP
Staff Liaison - Maude Surprenant Hancock


Committees, Chairs and 2014-15 Objectives

Education Committee (split into 2 subcommittees)

Simulation Subcommittee
Chair: Scott McIntosh, MD
Members: Nicholas Kanaan, MD, Justine MacNeil, MD 
Objective: Plan and implement the Wilderness Medicine Simulation ACEP15 in Boston. 

Residency Curriculum Subcommittee
Co-Chairs: Jonathan Drew, MD and Walter Schrading, MD, FACEP 
Objective: Develop a curriculum with the milestones approach.

Residency Committee (Chaired by EMRA Division Chair. Officers are elected annually at SAEM.)
Chair: Brent Levy, MD (Chair of EMRA’s WM Division
Past Chair: Mark Ryan Brownson, MD
EMRA WM Division objective is to provide seamless access to wilderness medicine research opportunities, educational materials, mentorship, and wilderness elective experiences. 

Fellowship Committee
Chair: Julio M. De Pena Batista, MD, FACEP
Objective: Complete the Test Bank. Questions from the test bank will be used for fellowships or medical student electives exit exams. Anyone interested to contribute should contact Jennifer Dow, MD, FACEP.
Past Accomplishment: After four years of work, the Wilderness Medicine Fellowship Core Curriculum was published. This document details what Post-Emergency Medicine WM Fellowships do and will be available for the AMA to consult.  It will also serve as a tool for new fellowships looking for useful guidelines and teaching standards.

Liaison Committee
Chair: Henderson D. McGinnis, MD, FACEP 
Objective: Work with other sections and committees with similar goals, where there is crossover, such as International, Disaster, etc. 

Workshop Committee
Chair: Joshua Poles, MD
Objective: Secure a speaker for section meeting at ACEP15

Activities Committee
Chair: Hillary Irons, MD, PhD
Objective: To plan an outdoor activity for the section in Boston during ACEP15.   


For inquiries, questions, or comments about the section, please send an e-mail to the staff liaison.

Wilderness Medicine Section members may send an e-mail to all members of this section via the section e-list at

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